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Welcome to K2K Stars Talent Management

We are a boutique talent management company; talent and diversity are our pulse. K2K Stars Talent management solely represents children from all over the UK with varied looks, talents and abilities.

Our Agency offers clients personal management so that we can nurture each and every client on a more personal level.

Parents will be required to play a proactive part in your child’s registration with us. We will require you to be flexible, committed and available for castings and bookings at short notice; to keep us informed of any changes in the artist/model’s development; measurements, (teeth/hair), skills or hobbies, contact details, holidays and unavailability regularly.

Should your child be accepted to join our agency, although we at K2K do not charge a ‘registration fee’ we will ask for your child to be on spotlight which does have a yearly fee, this is the casting bible, which covers commercials, TV, film, stage and any other. Children must also have head shots taken with our agency photographer at least once a year. Our agency photographer ensures the whole website stays uniform and up to the same standard and means clients can easily compare models/artistes. Parents are welcome to send in their own additional shots throughout the year, which are held on file for clients to view upon request.

We take the standard 20% commission on all fees (excluding travel expenses). As we do not charge a registration fee, it is therefore clearly in the agency’s best interest to secure your child work.

Like all agencies we cannot guarantee work, as we have no idea whatsoever what work will come into the office from one day to the next, so we will never know in advance who a client may select for their assignment. If an agency tells you they can guarantee your child work, avoid them at all costs!

For more information please give us a call on 07584 229 494