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About Us

At K2K Stars we welcome anyone of all ages, backgrounds, and levels. People come to K2K to have fun, make new friends and to learn how to dance, sing and act.

Confidence is key to any success, and together with our help we encourage this. Performing is a great way to not only gain confidence, but to lose the worry of what people may think about you.

K2K Stars strongly believes in the power of positive energy and self-belief. Positive encouragement, turning “I can’t” and “I had better not” to “I can” and “I will”.

The collaboration between singing, dancing and acting can produce the most amazing and unique energy in young people. Our aim is to capture that and enable their confidence and talent to happen both individually and collectively.

The ultimate goal for K2K Stars is for the students of all ages and abilities to make friends, have fun, gain confidence and enjoy themselves.

We offer a wide variety of workshops including our very own ‘Believe’ Workshop.

Student Reports:

Whilst offering ‘Watch week’ when we can, we also aim to put a show/gala on every year. Plus we take part in events within the local community including summer fetes.

At K2K Stars we pride ourselves on being young and fresh, so have made ‘music videos’ with the very best in the industry!! We hope to make more of these in the future.

Feedback on students is available on request.

Alongside all of this, K2K Stars currently works within schools and nurseries. Performing is a great way, to not only gain confidence but to also encourage character, maintain focus and most importantly, have fun at an early age of learning.

Given the huge success and relationship we have created with schools and nurseries, it has become a huge passion of ours teaching younger children to give them the confidence in performing.

If you would like us to come in to your school for a free workshop or assembly with the view to creating an on going relationship, teaching your pupils over the course of the school year please get in touch via our contact us page.



At K2K Stars everyone is a star!

K2K Stars also runs a boutique agency and has an Events Team – Click here for more information